UMACK wave power project

The Universal Mooring and Connectivity Kit (UMACK) project formed part of a ground-breaking wave energy project. The location of the test site of UMACK was offshore Aguçadoura in north Portugal. The site was 5.5km from the shore in a water depth of 43.5 mLAT.  The Wave Energy Converter was tethered to a circular steel pile driven into the seabed.  A subsea power cable ran from the test site to the shore at Aguçadoura.

The Scope of Work included an on-bottom stability assessment of the subsea cable, using both DNV guidelines and a general seabed mobility assessment, and a scour assessment.  The assessment of the wave-current induced scour was done using a hindcasting approach followed by a probabilistic analysis of equilibrium scour depth and time scales.




CorPower and TTI Renewables


Project Manager and Seabed Stability Expert