Seawater Cooling System

Seawater Cooling Systems

CoMarEng has strong experience in helping the many industrial plants around the world that use once-through systems for their process cooling. The design of a seawater cooling system is a multidisciplinary task and it requires coordination of the hydraulic, coastal, structural and mechanical aspects. In addition, the environmental impacts have to be addressed due to the heat load discharged back to the marine or fluvial environment.

CoMarEng’s experience spans the hydraulic design of entire cooling water string and design of surge protection, intake and outfall systems and structural design of pumping stations and seal weirs.

The core expertise is in the early pieces of the project where all the elements have to be viewed as a whole in order to properly assess risk and plan the design and construction stages.

For example, ensuring that dispersion of the hot discharge water adheres to the environmental regulations as well as provides the required process cooling.

The services offered include:

  • Outline hydraulic design
  • Specification and management of thermal dispersion and sediment modelling 
  • Risk management
  • Sketch design and high-level cost estimates
  • Owner’s engineer
  • Peer reviewer