Offshore Renewables & Subsea Cables and Pipelines

Offshore Renewables & Subsea Cables and Pipelines

CoMarEng has built up a strong expertise in stability of subsea pipelines and cables, in particular, and offshore structures, in general. The nucleus of this knowledge has been gained through a number of cutting-edge research programmes, both basic research and applied, industry funded research.

The focus is on assessing the stability of the cable/pipeline or seabed in the vicinity of the cable, pipeline or structure. This includes hydrodynamic forces on cables or pipelines, sediment transport and scour, seabed liquefaction due to waves or earthquake and dynamic interaction of structures and seabed soils. 

The work has resulted in published practical guidelines for assessing the stability of subsea pipelines.

CoMarEng’s core expertise is in the overall assessment of seabed and/or structural stability. Again, most value is added in the early phases of a project because that is where potential challenges can be addressed at the lowest costs.

The services offered include:

  • Cable stability simulations for offshore wind farms
  • Seabed stability assessments
  • Sediment transport, scour and liquefaction calculations
  • Specification and management of numerical and physical modelling, including definition of scaling
  • Risk management
  • Peer reviewer