Tanir Bavi barge mounted power plant

A 235 MW capacity Naphtha Based Barge Mounted Power Plant was constructed, commissioned, owned and operated by the Tanir Bavi Power Company Pvt. Ltd. The project was located on the coast in Mangalore, India.

The cooling water system for the plant was designed to deliver seawater to the power plant at a rate of 22500 m3/hr under all conditions.

The Scope of Work included hydraulic design of the entire cooling water system, design of rock cover, earthquake resistant geotechnical design of the barge basin and the Velocity Cap and calculation of sediment ingress.

Project executed while Jesper Damgaard was employed by HR Wallingford.




Tanir Bavi Power Company / GMR Vasavi


Hydraulic Engineering Task Manager


2000 – 2001