Tangguh LNG

BP and partners developed the large Tangguh LNG project in Berau Bay, in remote western Papua. The gas reserves were discovered in the mid-1990s by Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO). The initial development consisted of upstream elements: the gas extraction platforms in the Wiriagar and Vorwata fields, and the pipelines; and downstream elements: the liquefaction plant itself and the associated marine facilities, including an LNG export jetty and auxiliary wharves. Berau Bay is characterised by being a highly dynamic marine environment with extreme tidal variations, large currents and highly mobile sand wave field. Furthermore the area is seismically active.

The scope of work included:

• General bay morphology
     – hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of entire estuary
     – sandwave dynamics
• Pipeline route characteristics
     – trench infill
     – liquefaction risk
     – scour potential
     – pipeline protection options
• LNG tanker route dredging requirements
• Re-visit nearshore causeway impact

Project executed while Jesper Damgaard was employed by HR Wallingford.






Project Manager


2001 – 2003