New Priok Port

The Indonesian government wanted to expand Indonesia’s busiest port, Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta, which handled more than half of total goods that were exported from or imported to Indonesia. The New Priok project was meant to bring Indonesia’s port facilities on par with other world-class ports. The New Priok port (or Kalibaru) would be developed and operated by the state-owned enterprise Pelindo II (IPC).

As part of this mega-development, a whole new organisation and management structure was set up within Pelindo II. One of the key work streams was development and implementation of a complete Project Management Information System (PMIS) for the large, new greenfield container and general cargo port to be located offshore of the existing Tanjung Priok Port. The PMIS covered QA/QC policies, risk management, financial systems, procurement systems, etc.




Pelindo II (IPC)


Project Director