Ma'aden di-ammonium phosphate plant seawater cooling

Ma’aden, the Saudi government-owned mining company, wanted to develop a Di-Ammonium Phosphate complex at Raz Az Zawr on the Arabian Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. As part of that development, a seawater cooling system needed to be planned and designed. The base flow rate for the cooling water system was 600,000 m3/hour with an alternative flow rate of 1200,000 m3/hour. The intake would be located outside the port whereas the outfall was planned for a location inside the port basin, which necessitated close coordination with the parallel design of a cooling water system for the adjacent aluminium smelter.

The Scope of Work comprised concept design for the seawater cooling system, including hydraulic, process, mechanical, piping and instrumentation engineering, and construction cost estimates.






Project Manager and Technical Specialist


2005 – 2006