The Lagoons was a landmark project, and situated at the end of Dubai Creek, north east of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. It comprised of seven man-made landscaped islands representing the seven Emirates of the UAE, which, together, provide extensive navigable waterfront. It is a mixed-use waterfront development to accommodate both high-rise and low-rise residential and commercial buildings, five-star hotels, resorts, marinas, a planetarium, a theatre and art centre as well as the iconic Opera House on the existing island. Positioned adjacent to Dubai Festival City, with the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to the south-west and the sixth crossing to the north, the development holds a prime location along the Dubai Creek. Transportation around the islands is to be supported by a series of bridges and causeways as well as public transport facilities. The development has approximately 40 km of waterfront land.

Scope of marine works included hydrodynamic and water quality modelling, and design of:
• Several kilometers of concrete block work quay wall and revetments
• Navigational locks providing access to the impounded lagoons
• Navigable canals and waterways
• Excavation, dredging and reclamation
• Mechanical flushing system
• Eight marinas around the site with a total capacity of more than 800 boats




Sama Dubai


Project Director


2007 – 2009