Burullus / Scarab and Saffron fields

The Scarab and Saffron fields were the first deep water oil and gas development to occur in the Eastern Mediterranean. The area lies some 90km from the Nile Delta shoreline in water depths of 250m-850m. This formed part of the upstream developments for the Egypt LNG project at Idku near Alexandria.

Scope of Work: provision of pipeline/seabed advice to Stolt Offshore for the project that comprised part of the upstream developments for the ELNG project in Idku near Alexandria. The project involved assessment of historic and potential future seabed changes along inshore section of pipe route, and advice on backfill and trench design for shore-approach. There were sub-sea volcanoes and the work involved a risk assessment of the potential impacts of these volcanoes.

Project executed while Jesper Damgaard was employed by HR Wallingford.




Stolt Offshore


Project Manager