ADGAS LNG Jetty Berths

Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Limited (ADGAS) owned and operated an LNG Plant on Das Island, which is located in the Arabian Gulf, approximately 140 km northwest of the city of Abu Dhabi. Das Island is an offshore development used for the purpose of processing, storage and export of crude oil and for liquefying the associated gas and sulphur processed by ADGAS. The products (LNG, LPG and Pentane) were exported through Jetty Berth No. 4.  The Jetty was constructed in 1974-75 and had been in continuous use since then. Repairs were carried out around 1995 in order to extend the service life of the jetty up to the year 2025.

The objective of the suitability study was to check the adequacy of the existing ADGAS LNG Jetty Berth No. 4 structures in terms of accommodating larger LNG vessel of up to 216,000 m3 in capacity.

The scope of work included:

• Review of design documentation

• Structural integrity assessment

• Assessment of adequacy of berthing system for increased berthing loads

• Under-keel clearance assessment






Project Director